At this time we are not offering wedding consultations, quotes or wedding services. We have had too many cancelations, rescheduling, changes, etc.
Until this pandemic is behind us, in a way where events can be held safely, we will be holding off.   We thank you for your understanding.

For your convenience, our most commonly asked questions are answered right here.

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Q: How much does a bouquet/wedding cost?

A: Our bouquets, and all wedding/event items are completely custom.   We don’t have a set price.   Bouquets can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the style, specific flowers requested, size and style.   We don’t provide pricing without speaking to our couples in advance.

Q: Do you have a minimum spend?

A: No, not at all.   If all you need is a bouquet, we can do that for you.   If you need complete floral or event work, we can do that too.   The beauty of having a fully functioning, everyday boutique is we have the space and staff available for anything and everything.

Q: Do you still have availability for (insert the day of your wedding here)?

A: Yes.   The simple answer is, yes.   We handle multiple weddings and events every week.   Talk to us, let us know what you are thinking and we will find a way to make it happen.

That said, we have two blackout times due to holiday volume/recovery for our team.   We do not offer wedding services from February 10-17th or December 24-January 2nd.    Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Do you use “foraged” material?

A: At Sweetpea’s, we will not forage for materials from private or public property on a grand scale.  We have seen this trend growing in popularity for many florists and we will not take part in it.  Our feeling is simple; we will not charge our clients for material that has been foraged/stolen.  Often we see postings that involve mass amounts of branches being cut by florists, who may not be aware of how to properly prune trees or shrubs, or the correct times of year that this can be done, to ensure the health of the specimen they are being taken from.    The idea that they are cutting/using ‘invasive species’ from unmonitored areas, like abandoned areas or roadsides, only means that they are now introducing those species into new environments that are unprepared to deal with them, through the city’s compost programs after your event is completed.

Our materials are legally purchased from growers and suppliers, we have grown to know and trust.  We are an eco-focused florist, and believe in there is a responsibility on florists to respect the botany behind their creations.  We continue to support local growers, as well as source our imported material from eco and socially responsible farms, which has been our mandate since opening our doors in 2010.

Q: Are peonies available?

A: Peonies have a very short season when grown locally.   Depending on weather conditions, they are generally available from late-May to mid-July.   For a brief period in the winter, we are able to import them, but they are extremely cost prohibitive at that point.   Garden roses, dahlias and other beautiful options are available as a substitute.   Let’s chat about what you look you are going for and we can find something that works best.

Q: We’d like to make the centrepieces ourselves.

A: We really discourage our couples to take on the task of designing their own flower arrangements.   The time and stress involved will take away from your enjoyment of the day.   We have cost effective options for you if you are looking to save on money, but when it comes to the actual arranging, it is best to leave it to us, allowing you to focus on what really matters – friends, family and your new partner.

Q: How can we save money on our floral arrangements?

A: One of the best way to not only save money, but also put a unique touch to your wedding, is to source your own glassware/vessels.   We have had the pleasure of designing in some beautiful, creative items, everything from hand-decorated mason jars, antique brass objects, vintage bottles, teacups and so much more.   Have some fun.   Search, explore and let us know how we can help.

Other options include, eliminating corsages for extended family members, reusing your ceremony arrangements at the reception, decorate your head table with your bouquets, rather than additional arrangements, supply your own candles/table accents.

Q: Do you offer rentals vs. purchase of containers?

A: Yes, just as we allow you to provide your own containers, we also offer rentals of premium vases, pedestals and other items to help alleviate your budget concerns.

Q: Do you offer set-up, deliveries and strikes/take-downs?

A: Yes, we do.   Rates will vary depending on the number items being delivered, locations involved and the volume of staff required, but all this will be discussed in detail at your consultation and provided in your quote.

Q: What flowers are in season/available for our wedding?

A: We will be updating the site with a detailed list of what is in season, depending on the time of year.   In the meantime, going through our instagram (@sweetpeasTO) account and checking out our everyday arrangements for the season you are looking for may be helpful.

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